Takawa Prince Hotel
Sector H of Marue la Vallee, the 2nd phase Eurodisney
Tramway of Orleans
Tramway of Nantes
Tramway of Bordeaux
Tramway of Montpelier
Tramway of Brest
Tramway of Lyon
Quay Rive Gauche in Bordeaux
Plaza of Peyberland in Bordeaux
Quay of the Meuse in Verdun
Palace of justice in Grenoble 9000 m2 facade + square
Building of the studios of CANAL + in Paris
Plaza Rapp in Colmar
Installation of center city and road railway station in Chelles
Hotel Sofitel in Bercy
Installation of plaza of center city in Albi
Plaza and market of Chartrons in Bordeaux
Plaza of Carmes in Langon
Commercial center of Coty in Le Havre